Why should I choose a StayClean System?

We are The Best you can buy

StayClean System have been manufacturing beer line cleaning systems since 1993. We were the first to market. We continue to manufacture our own devices; all manufacture and R&D are done in Britain. StayClean are the first to manufacture ultra reliable digital radio wave technology.


The StayClean System is a capital expenditure purchase. No additional costs. No ongoing contracts or costly maintenance bills. You simply own the product outright, whether you buy outright or pay in staged invoicing. We do not employ sales people and we do not use gimmicks. We service the system every 18 months Free Of Charge!


Our beer line cleaning systems are extremely reliable. As the manufacturer, we can ensure stringent quality standards. We are so confident in our devices that all systems come with a 5 year parts and performance guarantee.


The StayClean System is both cost effective and affordable. Generally, the larger the venue the greater the savings, as wastage ise higher. The average pub breaks even in 3 months (savings calculated at retail price) / 8 months (savings calculated at cost price). Savings are guaranteed for 5 years.


The StayClean System is non-invasive, small and unobtrusive. No cellar parts are altered or disconnected during installation. We simply add our equipment to complement to your existing equipment. You are responsible for cleaning your beer lines and keeping a good cellar, as normal.


Unlike competitor products The StayClean System is fully adjustable treating beer lines ranging in lengths from 2 pints through to 30 pints. Our System can effectively treat single lines and beer lines with split beer lines servicing multiple bars from single cellars.

Available in the Finest Venues.... Some of our esteemed customers

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