21st Century Beer Line Cleaning

Extend your cleaning intervals to 4-6 weeks

StayClean SC Four

Our flagship product, the SC Four is the leading digital beer line cleaning system in the market.

Designed as a 4 barrel system, the product can effectively treat single and split lines, ranging in lengths from 1 pint through to 15 pint lines.

We use superior quality components in the manufacture and installation of our device, employing premium grade oxygen free aerial cables and a lossless digital signal to ensure effectiveness even in set-ups where the bar and cellar are separated by long lines.

The average beer cellar will have multiple SC Four devices installed, allowing users to compare local temperature readings from each device to understand the temperature distribution throughout their cellar, helping ensure a perfect pint every time.

Typical Savings

*an average bar with eight lines, each containing three pints of beer can expect to save approximately £3,000 per year by reducing line cleans from weekly to monthly.
Try our calculator to see how much you could save.

SC Four Key Features

  • Visual Display showing real time cellar temperature and unit run-time data.
  • Cellar Temperature Monitoring is obviously an important factor in good cellar management and plays a big role in making sure you serve great beer. All of the tests we’ve conducted on the new SC Four have shown line cleaning can be increased to minimum 5 weekly intervals, with no adverse effect on the beer, where cellar temperature was continuously within correct levels.
  • System Power Outage Info is a helpful diagnostic tool when problems occur in the cellar as it gives precise information regarding the effective operation of the SC Four.
  • Cellar Safe Our products exceed insurance requirements, are approved for use by breweries.
  • IP66 Rated enclosures being completely dust tight and resistant to multi-directional low-pressure water jets – so they are safe to hose-down when cleaning and are resilient in a tough cellar environment.
  • External 12v Power Supply guaranteeing our products are safe and compliant with the Low Voltage Directive.
  • Positive lock Speakon connectors the SC Four uses the best audio plugs available on the market ensuring optimum performance with zero chance of disconnection in a busy working cellar.

Cellar Temperature Monitoring

SC Four features an on-board sensor for cellar temperature monitoring.

Cellar temperature is a key factor in maintaining beer quality. If your beer is getting warm in the cellar your lines will need cleaning more frequently, as the conditions are perfect for the cultivation of bio-films and pollutants that spoil the flavour and pour of your pints.

The calibrated sensor on the SC Four constantly monitors the local cellar temperature, displaying the current reading on the unit’s LCD screen and storing reporting data on the device for later download.

Compact Design

The SC Four is a small and discreet device, measuring approximately 140mm x 100mm x 60mm.

Designed to treat 4 beer lines per unit, the SC Four is usually located close to the fob detector / cellar buoy. This ensures that there aren’t cables trailing around the cellar and also provides a temperature reading at a critical point in the dispense system.

In larger cellars, the compact design and 4 line treatment means that individual SC Four units are installed around the cellar. This also offers the added advantage of distributed cellar temperature monitoring, helping to identify any warm spots which may be impacting beer quality on certain lines.

  • StayClean does not affect taste, as it never comes in to direct contact with the beer.
  • The system is installed without making any changes to your existing cellar – our equipment fits around your current cellar set-up, complies with insurance requirements and is approved for use by breweries.
  • Running costs are as low as £30 per unit per year – less than £10 per line.
  • When you do need to clean your lines you simply follow your standard process
  • All StayClean installations are backed by our 5 year guarantee covering parts and labour.
  • You start saving from day one.

How it works

StayClean beer line cleaning systems use digital technology and high quality antenna cables to develop a lossless ultrasonic signal that gently pulses the beer in the lines.

This action slows the build-up of yeast clumps and bio-films that tarnish the beer in the lines.

Our system has been tested and proven by the Department of Sonochemistry at Coventry University, by Professor Mason and his team.

For the detailed beer boffin explanation, read our science bit here.

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