Clean your beer lines monthly. Save money, reduce waste and increase profits.

With a StayClean system it really is that simple.

Clean your beer lines once a month.

Save money, reduce waste and increase profits.

With a StayClean system it really is that simple.

StayClean has been developing and manufacturing devices to extend the period between beer line cleans for more than 25 years.

Our devices generate a specific range of radio waves which slow down the development of yeast clumps, sugars and proteins in the pipe. These pollutants form biofilms which cling to the internal surface of the beer line, ruining the taste and serve of the beer at the bar.

StayClean is a market leader, constantly refining and developing our products to maintain our edge. We were the first company in the market to move from analogue to digital frequency generation, the first to offer cellar monitoring tools and the first to provide local reporting via mobile app.

All StayClean products offer a minimum of 4 weeks between line cleans. This equates to at least a 75 per cent reduction in costs associated to line cleaning: including reduced labour, reduced water consumption, savings on chemicals and reduced beer wastage.

A StayClean installation requires no alterations to your cellar set-up, so you can keep serving even whilst the kit is being installed. The equipment is non-invasive, so never comes into direct contact with the liquid and therefore cannot affect the taste of the beer.

All of this is backed up with comprehensive ‘no-quibble’ guarantees on all products, as well as outstanding customer service and support.

Put us to the test – give us a call.

Click a button below to find out more about the most suitable StayClean product for your bar.

  • Up to 6 weeks between line cleans. We guarantee at least once-a-month.
  • The best devices available on the market, manufactured by Us right here in England.
  • Fantastic parts & performance, no-quibble guarantees.
  • Completely non-invasive – our devices never come into contact with your beer.
  • Alteration-free. No cellar parts are disconnected or removed during installation.
  • Outright purchase only with most venues breaking even on investment within 6 months.
  • Monthly payments available. No interest added or finance agreements.
  • Absolutely outstanding customer service! We arrive when scheduled & are always available.
  • We will NEVER rip you off

StayClean Four

Do you have more than 8 beer lines?
Are your beer lines longer than 4 pints?
Do you want us to install for you?

If yes to any, then you may need a fully managed SC Four system…

SC One

Do you have less than 8 beer lines?
Are your beer lines shorter than 4 pints?
Are you willing to spend time installing a system?

If yes to any, then you may want a self-installed SC One System

Real world results

How it works

Pledge & guarantee

Costs & payments

StayClean SC4 device

Environment & CSR

Proudly Made in Britain

All of the hardware & software required for StayClean products are designed & manufactured in Britain.

More #communitypub good news. Excellent work from all involved!
cleanbeer photo
PubistheHub @PubistheHub_uk
The licensee at this pub in #Northants, the only pub in the area, decided to add a café on the premises to create a social hub for villagers and community groups

Exciting developments from Aussie brewers @younghenrys, who have installed a 400L bag of algae to reduce carbon emissions & produce food, pharmaceuticals & bio-plastic. Each bag produces as much O2 as a hectare of Australian bush. More here:

More 'beer for good' activity.
Well played @ExaleTap_E17 and @ArcadiaLeeds - raising funds for @MindCharity
cleanbeer photo
Arcadia Leeds 🍺 @ArcadiaLeeds
Mind Games will be on the bar later this weekend.
Brewed for an amazing cause and on subjects we can all relate to in this industry.
Find out more in this link and video.
Profits raised from this brew will go to @MindCharity
#mindgames #mentalhealth

More money to be made available for Community Pub initiatives with Govt funding for 'More Than a Pub' and 'Pub is the Hub' @PubistheHub_uk.
Over £1.1 million to be made available with the aim of helping 100 community projects across the country.

Torry residents are aiming to convert Campbell's Bar in to community hub, after the pub closed to the public 3 years ago.
Plans are afoot to reopen the bar, create an eatery and also establish a community and training space.
Good luck to all involved.

It's #ChristmasEve! On the final day of #StayGreenAdvent, how better to celebrate than by visiting your local #CommunityPub? They contribute to local economies & save pubs across the UK. See @PlunkettFoundat's map here: @PeoplesPubPtshp @PubistheHub_uk