StayClean Device - Technical Product Page

Technical Info about our Beer Line Cleaning System

The StayClean device forms part of the leading digital beer line cleaning system in the market.

The StayClean device uses digital technology and high quality antenna cables to develop a lossless radio wave signal that gently pulses the beer in the lines, keeping beer lines clean.

We use superior quality components in the manufacture and installation of our device, employing premium grade oxygen free aerial cables and a lossless digital signal to ensure effectiveness even in set-ups where the bar and cellar are separated by long lines.

StayClean Device Key Features

  • Visual Display showing real time cellar temperature and unit run-time data.
  • Cellar Temperature Monitoring is obviously an important factor in good cellar management and plays a big role in making sure you serve great beer. 
  • System Power Outage Info is a helpful diagnostic tool when problems occur in the cellar as it gives precise information regarding the effective operation of the System.
  • IP68 Rated enclosures being completely dust tight and resistant to multi-directional water jets – so they are safe to hose-down when cleaning and are resilient in a tough cellar environment. 
  • External 12v Power Supply guaranteeing our products are safe and compliant with the Low Voltage Directive.
  • Positive lock Speakon connectors the System uses the best audio plugs available on the market ensuring optimum performance with zero chance of disconnection in a busy working cellar.
  • Digital Radio Signal: the most effective and reliable method which is future-proof, unlike analogue competitors.
  • Mobile App connectivity: providing you with valuable additional information. These include breech of recommended cellar temperature and system power outage details.
  • Battery Backup: ensure historic system run-time and cellar temperature data is not lost by power outage.
  • Small & discreet: fits neatly into existing cellar set up, without creating too much attention. Measuring  140mm x 100mm x 60mm it treats 4 beer lines per unit, and is located close to the fob detector. This ensures that there aren’t cables trailing around the cellar
  • Minimal wiring: with separate power supply to comply with Water at Work health and safety directives.
  • Cellar Safe: our products exceed insurance requirements and are approved for use by breweries.

Digital Beer Line Cleaners Vs Analogue Beer Line Cleaners

Digital beer line cleaners
Digital beer line cleaners; these systems utilise a computerised micro processor to generate a digital sound wave.

This technology is state of the art, the main advantage of digital wave signals as compared to analogue wave signals is that digital wave signals maintain their quality over longer distances and are less susceptible to interference from background noise.

In practical terms digital beer line cleaners allow the line cleaning schedule to be extended to a guaranteed 4 weekly cycle, due to the quality of the waveform. Manufacturers of digital beer line cleaning systems available in the UK are Beer Saver6, StayClean, Tech POS Intelliline and QB Line Master.

Analogue beer line cleaners
Analogue beer line cleaners are less expensive to manufacture as they do not utilise micro processor technology, but instead use a series of electrical components to produce sonic sound waves

In practical terms most analogue systems, being subject to distortion and loss, can only effectively extend the line cleaning schedule to once every three weeks.

Manufacturers of analogue beer line cleaning systems are LineClenze, Beer Saver and Beer Tech Flowmaster.

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