StayClean DigiSine - line cleaning every 4 weeks

This is SMART monthly beerline cleaning.

StayClean Beerline Cleaning Products


StayClean Digisine - digital monthly beerline cleaning systemThe StayClean DigiSine system is the most advanced digital beerline cleaning system currently available. We were the first company to invest in digital technology and in doing so we developed a product with guaranteed signal integrity, longevity and reliability.

We haven’t stopped there though – finally we are pleased to announce our latest development – the DigiSine Plus with mobile app connectivity, cellar temperature and unit run time monitoring. So now we are able to offer you a choice of products; the DigiSine and the DigiSine Plus. Both products surpass any of the competitor products, with all of the benefits listed below;

  • Re-programmable micro processor, allowing the signal to be reconfigured.
    In practical terms, this technology enables the DigiSine beerline system to be adapted to work efficiently in more demanding set ups, such as extremely long beer lines.
  • Guaranteed minimum 4 weeks between line cleaning, with no adverse effects on the beer or cider.
  • Ingress Protected rated to a minimum IP66, as dust tight and protected against multi directional low pressure water jets. This ensures the units can be safely hosed down during routine cellar cleaning.
  • Positive lock connectors, guaranteeing our products are safe and compliant with the Low Voltage Directive.

New DigiSine Plus

The DigiSine plus has some really useful new extras that will help to ensure the equipment is running effectively and assist excellent cellar management.

  • Visual Display showing real time cellar temperature and unit runtime data.
  • Mobile App connectivity providing you with valuable additional information. These include breech of recommended cellar temperature and system power outage.
  • Cellar Temperature Monitoring is obviously an important factor in good cellar management and plays a big role in making sure you serve great beer. All of the tests we’ve conducted on the new DigiSine Plus have shown line cleaning can be increased to minimum 5 weekly intervals, with no adverse effect on the beer, where cellar temperature was continuously within correct levels.
  • System Power Outage Info is a helpful diagnostic tool when problems occur in the cellar as it gives precise information¬† regarding the effective operation of the DigiSine Plus.
FeaturesDigiSineDigiSine Plus
Patented Digital Sine-waves
5 Year Guarantee
Free Annual Servicing
12v Low Energy Device
IP Rated Device (Ingress Protection)IP66IP68
Lockable Connectors
Waterproof Connectors
Visual Display
Temperature Monitoring (warning if temp threshold exceeded)
Run Time Reporting (ensures the system is never turned off)
Free App to connect to StayClean Product
Bluetooth Connectivity
Processor TypeFPGACypress Bluetooth

Turn Your Ullage Into Profit with Monthly Beerline Cleaning

Our pricing is completely transparent. You pay for the number of units needed which is dependent on the number of barrels being treated.  We are always very happy to talk you through the pricing, just give us a call on 08456 807081

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