Here is a cautionary tale of using Social Media to promote your business. You need to be careful. A Birmingham pub potentially faces going bust!

Brewery bosses sparked a storm of controversy after promoting their special ales on social media with this racy picture showing a barmaid’s cleavage.

The image – advertising guest beers at The Victoria – a Birmingham pub – was posted on Twitter and Facebook.

But it quickly led to a storm of protest from social media users, who felt the eccentric theatre bar was sexually objectifying women.

Ian Cole, 37, assistant general manager, said: “Basically whoever is behind the bar that day is pictured.

“It could be a man or woman, anyone. Lucy happened to be wearing a vest that day. We usually promote beers three or four times a week, when we get new ales on.”

Lucy Wedge, 22, whose cleavage was pictured, does not see what the fuss is about.

She said: “It wasn’t like – pose by this pump with your boobs out.

“I leaned in and she just took the pic and, to be honest, I was more concerned it was going to be embarrassing as everyone would know it’s me by my tattoo.

“Next day I saw that Steph had removed it and apologised. If I had been there with my boobs out then fine but a bit of cleavage isn’t a big problem. It wasn’t a provocative photo.