Pub-Beer-Vending-MachineBeer vending machines?

A landlord has caused a froth among his regulars by putting a beer vending machine in the bar.

It delivers chosen bottles with a robotic arm and is believed to be the first installed in a UK boozer.

Publican Joseph Ryan, who bought it on eBay for £1,500 and had the arm fitted to ensure the beer – from pale ale to fruit beer and stout – was not shaken during dispensing, says he is “pushing boundaries”.

But he admits the ­Japanese-made machine, which sells 40 different beers from the UK and US, has upset some locals at The Fox in Hackney, North London.

He said: “Some people have hated it. It has started a discussion. But there are others who have been really nice about it.

“I hadn’t seen it anywhere else. “All the beers it sells are pretty much not available behind the bar.

“I’m passionate about pushing the industry forward.”

Mr Ryan, 31, confirmed he would not be replacing staff at his pub with machines.

Asked about the issue of underage drinkers, Mr Ryan added: “We have never really had problems. All the staff are fully trained and we have security on a lot of nights.”

He believes his new gadget is the only one in the UK, and perhaps the only Craft beer vending machine in the world.

The Mirror – Pub News