What better way to encourage both beer & food sales, than by suggesting certain beers to complement the foods you are offering?

Pairing beer with food so that both enhance each another requires attention to the dominant taste and flavour elements in each.

According to the Craft Beer Association of America, when approaching pairing, success is often found by identifying the characteristics of the craft beer you plan to pair with. You should consider the aspects such as:

  • taste elements,
  • flavours,
  • intensity,
  • sensations.

Taste Elements

TheBeer lagers bitters porters food combinations dominant craft beer taste elements will contrast against the food’s taste elements, so that the beer and food flavours shine.

  • Sweet calms sweet – (allowing other flavours rise to the surface). Examples: peas and carrots; milk and cookies; stout and vanilla ice cream floats.
  • Acidic calms salt – (acid cuts the salt and balances flavour to create a “cleanness”). Examples: ceviche and tortilla chips; tomatoes and mozzarella cheese; pickles and a corned beef sandwich.
  • Bitter calms sweet – (allowing other flavours rise to the surface). Example: the sweet of malted barley is calmed and balanced by the bitterness of hop alpha acids. Think: An India pale ale’s bitterness calms the sweetness of the icing on a carrot cake.
  • Umami complements umami. Examples: mushrooms on fettuccine alfredo; parmesan cheese on spaghetti and meatballs; an aged old ale and holiday fruitcake.

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