Great news for those in the licensed trade who focus on serving their customers a quality pint: Beer Marque – the newly launched scheme from Cask Marque – is set to raise standards across the industry.

Broadening scope from focusing solely on cask beers, to beer across the on-trade spectrum, Beer Marque accreditation will be promoted to consumers from 2020 and aims to have 2000 venues signed-up at public launch.

The goal is to ‘premiumise’ the experience of drinking beer at a pub or licensed venue and therefore create distinction between the on-trade and drinking beer at home.

Beer Marque is designed to raise beer handling and serving standards, with accreditation assessments including a comprehensive cellar inspection, as well as a ‘bar and service’ inspection. This will look at handling, correct glassware selection and glassware cleanliness, consistent use of branding and staff training levels, including how to pour and serve a perfect pint.

Line hygiene plays a key role in serving a quality product and this was a topic focused on by Cask Marque Director Paul Nunny, when he spoke to reporters at the Morning Advertiser.

He said that recent research had revealed that one in three pints were served from lines that were overdue a clean and that almost a quarter of all sites were serving beer outside of the recommended temperature range.

Mr Nunny added: “Customers expect a great beer experience when in the pub. Quality and serve are of the utmost importance to them. The pubs’ reward is more sales and less waste.”