Herbal Liqueurs. Pubs that have not expanded beyond their general repertoire of spirits to stock a decent range of specialities and herbal liqueurs are missing a trick.

Herbal liqueurs, whether sold as shots, bombs or as long mixed drinks – sometimes with Prosecco and soda or ginger beer are big money. Too big to ignore.

And it’s not just the late night spots that are starting to get involved. Rural destination pubs and fine dining gastros are now happily getting amongst it too. The trend is everywhere and can be seen “in lower-tempo outlet types like food-led pubs.

Jägermeister in particular is a good product to increase average spend with customers as an additional drink and Jägerbombs and Jägermeister shots are high margin and easy to dispense.

This year, Cellar Trends will be launching a new “deep freeze activation” for Jägermeister and we really see the herbal liqueur come into its own as ice cold shots become the order of the day

The speciality spirit market, which includes herbal liqueurs, offers licensees one of the biggest sales opportunity withingoldschlager Herbal Liqueurs the on-trade as it is currently growing the spirits category by a substantial 11.4% year-on-year and is one of the few alcohol brands to be requested by name.

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A list of available herbal liqueurs is below. Some more readily available than others.
Personally, I have always love a Goldschlager….
Full descriptions can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Herbal_liqueurs


  • Amaro (liqueur)


  • Balsam (drink)
  • Becherovka
  • Bénédictine


  • Carmelite Water
  • Chartreuse (liqueur)


  • Domaine de Canton (liqueur)
  • Drambuie


  • Galliano (liqueur)
  • Génépi

G cont.

  • Goldschläger
  • Goldwasser
  • Gran Classico Bitter


  • Hierbas (liquor)


  • Indian Brandy


  • Jägermeister


  • Kräuterlikör
  • Krupnik
  • Kümmel


  • Mama Juana

M cont.

  • Menta
  • Metaxa
  • Minttu


  • Riga Black Balsam


  • Stellina
  • Strega (liqueur)


  • Unicum


  • Zwack liqueur