£4.40 Per Pint in Surrey!!

London Pint PricesLondon is no longer the most expensive place to buy a pint, a new study says.
For the first time, Surrey has overtaken the capital as the most expensive area to buy a drink, with the average pint costing £4.40.

According to the Good Pub Guide, Herefordshire and Yorkshire have the cheapest pints at £3.31.
The difference in price for a pint of beer is now more than £1 across the country, with the average tipple costing £3.60 – up by 13p on 2016.

Other cheaper counties where drinkers have a reason to raise a glass include Shropshire at £3.33 a pint, Derbyshire at £3.36 and Cumbria and Worcestershire, both at £3.38.

It was bad news for pint-drinkers in Sussex, who pay an average of £3.82, while Hertfordshire comes in at £3.81 and the Scottish Islands, £3.80.

However, drinkers in Surrey might not be crying into their beer if they are earning the median full time weekly wage of £669.70, as they can more easily absorb the £4.40 price of their pint.

Beer drinkers in Herefordshire might be paying three quarters as much for their pint at £3.31, but their median weekly wage is £460 – only two thirds of what people in Surrey can expect to make.