Good Leadership in Pub Management

Good leadership in pubs. Sell more beer!

Good Leadership eBook for Pub Management


Maybe for the first time here, ‘Excellence’ can be understood as a measurable methodology with a destination that can be understood as: ‘Becoming World Class’.

This is a business improvement book for everyone. Whether you are a small business, large  company, head of a division, run a department or are an individual employee who simply wants  better results, this book is for you.

We’re all feeling the effects of the recession and generalized economic malaise that has gripped  our country and the world. The need now is to operate more effectively in a more competitive  environment with fewer customers. The business improvement methodologies you need to be  more successful are contained here in this book.

I will share with you a safe and reliable approach to improve what you do across the board so  that you will get and keep more customers and show you the scientific approach to get those  satisfied customers to return to you again as well as recommend you to others.

At it’s heart, this book presents the ten statistical predictors of customer satisfaction in any  customer-supplier relationship. These revealing research findings are based on more than two  million satisfaction data points from many industries just like yours. If you apply these core  ‘values’ in your own business operations, you will have the formula for creating excellence,  strengthening your brand, and becoming much more competitive. You will find that this fresh  eye-opening outlook can affect every aspect of your business for the better, no matter how large  or small.