Alas, we @ StayClean HQ have recently discovered that FullClear beer line cleaning solution has gone into administration. All of this is despite the recent round of crowd funding raising £250,000 for the global expansion of the brand. See here:

FullClear was the world’s most advanced beer line cleaner. It safely cleaned keg beer lines just once a month & saved 75%. Non-toxic, non-corrosive & non-carcinogenic. It is proven to be 96.7% more effective than current chemicals.

FullClear monthly line cleaner also had a strategic partnership with Vianet PLC – previously known as Brulines.

We @ StayClean are sad to see FullClear go. We need innovators in our market & should continue to evolve. This is now a bit more difficult without trailbalzers like FullClear

Full Clear Liquidator Details

Here are the details just in case someone needs to get in touch with their liquidators:

  • Company Number: SC476853
  • Name of Company: FULLCLEAR (UK) LTD
  • Previous Name of Company: Liquid City Limited
  • Nature of Business: Other business support service activities
  • Type of Liquidation: Members
  • Registered office: c/o Gilson Gray LLP, 29 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, EH1 2BW
  • Principal trading address: 7 Limewood Way, Leeds, LS14 1AB
  • David Frederick Wilson, of DFW Associates, 29 Park Square West, Leeds, LS1 2PQ
  • Office Holder Number: 6074.
  • Further details contact: The Liquidator, Email:, Tel: 0113 390 7940. Alternative contact: Sam Booth.
  • Date of Appointment: 20 June 2019

How StayClean can help You

StayClean can help the FullClear customers. We offer a system which also reduces line cleaning intervals, saving you time and money. Our system can be very cost effective and will work out to a similar cost as using FullClear monthly. 

Why not request a price quote to see how we compare? There is no obligation or sales pressure. Further, if you like the price, you are welcome to a completely free month long trial, so you can see for yourself. 

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FullClear Environmentally Safe Beer Line Cleaner

“FullClear is a scientifically formulated beer line cleaning technology which is non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-hazard and at the same time is odourless, colourless and tasteless.

Independent testing has proven that FullClear is a highly effective bactericide, virucide, sporicide, fungicide, algaecide and amoebic, making it the most advanced beer line cleaner and disinfectant on the market.

In addition to providing unrivalled beer line cleaning, FullClear is environmentally responsible as it degrades into harmless water and oxygen while being both chlorine and alcohol free.

FullClear is manufactured in compliance with ISO:9001,14001 and 13485 standards and its efficacy is proven to EuroNorm (EN) standards. Additionally, it is food safe and HACCP compliant. ”