The Beer Masters, launched by The Drinks Business in 2014, aims to champion the excellent beers offered in the UK and highlight exciting developments from brewers.

Small craft brewers are judged alongside the worlds biggest producers in the contest. This allows the competition to speak to a range of beer drinkers, from the everyday person buying from the local supermarket to beer aficionados.

The competition features a low-and no alcohol category, with one Gold being awarded to a 1% beer from Small Beer Brew Co. Conversely, beers with ABVs in double figures were a hit: awards were given to high-strength beers from Porterhouse Brewery, Black Sheep Brewery, Huyghe Brewery and St Peter’s.

Exciting developments for sustainability can be seen in the eco-friendly credentials of some of the brewers who entered. These include Small Beer Brewing, which has cut the amount of water needed to produce a pint of beer from 10 pints to 1.5. Toast Ale was also noted for it’s environmental benefits: the brewery uses leftover bred to produce it’s beers.

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