Using Social Media to Promote Your Pub & Licensed Premises

As with all books, the eBooks on the StayClean Blog are useful to some readers & not to others. I will (stick my neck out) and say that this Social Media booklet really is quite good. As you know, we do a lot of blogging at StayClean Beer Lines, & I have found it can be a real minefield of  mis-information.

This book however, gives some superb tips on Google+ profiles – an area of social media marketing which is both powerful & misunderstood. Enjoy this eBook & I hope it helps with your pub promotion.

Social-Media-Field-Guide - Promote your pub


This guide is about making connections and making money.

There are three major components that need to be considered when taking your business and marketing plans online:
1. Benchmarking your current business so that you have a baseline from which to be able to measure your success.

2. Making sure you have a clear goal for your online communication plan to achieve and an equally clear structure for it to follow.

3. Engaging yourself and your network or audience in activities that will build trust, efficacy, ethics, social responsibility, loyalty and action. There has been a shift in the world of marketing. If you think about it, social media is different; with the introduction of Web 2.0, it’s no longer a monologue — it’s a dialogue. Your advertising and marketing need to be interactive going forward.

Any online product needs to follow the same principal. If you keep this in mind, your success will be solid.