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Improve Pub & Bar ProfitsImprove Pub Profit

“There are rules for everything. Some make sense; many don’t. Up until three years, I never knew of any rules to help small bars and local pubss increase their profits so I created 7 known as Eba G’s Rules of Thumb to Increase Bar and Tavern Profits. Bar and pub owners who follow these rules say Eba’s rules work – they increase profits!”

Part 1- Rules for Bar Operations

Rule Number One: The 72 Hour Rule. If anything in your bar or pub breaks, stops working or needs repairs – either fix it, replace it or throw it out within 72 hours. There’s no excuse for any bar or pub to have burnt out lights, broken windows, dripping faucets, ripped bar stools or anything else that is not working for more than 72 hours.

Rule Number Two: Rule of 3-FT. If you’re a bar or pub owner and are within 3 feet of a person you don’t know – extend your hand and introduce yourself. Let people know you own the bar, you’re glad they stopped in and to let you know if there is anything they need

Rule Number Three. Chances are most of your customers are ‘regulars’. The 90% Rule states you, and your bar staff, should know 90% of your customers by their ‘first name’ no one is a strangers and you make more money.

Rule Number Four: Female friendly bars and pubs make more money than those that are not. Small bars and local pubs maximizing profits when they have at least 25% female customers. Track customers often. Pick a day of the week, a week of a month or a random month out of the year and count your women vs. men customers. If 25% of your customers aren’t women do something to attract more women. Increase profits with The 25% Rule.

Rule Number Five: Should a customer order a beer or soft drink – offer a glass. Don’t make customers ask for a glass. Be professional say – “Would you like a glass with that?” rather than “Oh I’m sorry let me get you one” or “Yeah hang on, I’ll bring one. Observe The Glass Rule.

Part 2 – Rules for Bar Food

Rule Number Six: The Two Minute Rule. Any menus you print for food, beer or drinks should be simple. If it takes longer more than two minutes for a customer to read your menu they get bore people, order less and you lose money. Short – easy to read – menus increase profits.

Rule Number Seven: The 10 – 15 Rule. If you sell appetizers delivered them in less than 10 minutes from the time of order and hot sandwiches or meals should be served within 15 minutes. People order food because they want it now – not tomorrow. Get food to your customers fast.

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