That’s a long beer line!!

Belgian brewery builds 3km-long pipeline, investors get lifetime beer supply

3km long beer line pipeResidents of Bruges, Belgium, are hoping they can “beat the system” by tapping directly into a beer pipeline due to be completed soon. The 3km-long pipe will pump beer underground from a city center brewery to a bottling factory down the road.

Xavier Vanneste, heir to De Halve Maan brewery, got the idea when watching workmen laying cables under the streets’ cobblestones several years ago.

Locals have requested taps in their homes before, but the plan was rejected by the brewery, with Vanneste claiming that the polyethylene tubes in the pipeline were “stronger than steel,” and any eager beer drinkers would find it next to impossible to tap into them.

Some 1,500 gallons (56,780 liters) of beer will be pumped from the brewery before arriving at a factory, where it can be bottled and shipped, according to the Wall Street Journal. Vanneste is forking over most of the money for the €4 million ($4.56mn) investment, but some generous customers have taken the edge off the bill by putting their own money up just as well.

Twenty-one people signed up for a gold membership arranged by Vanneste, for which their €7,500 ($8,550) investment will be rewarded with a lifetime supply of beer, assuming they drink only one bottle per day. A bronze membership, requiring a donation of €220 ($250), earned patrons one 25-ounce (740ml) bottle of beer every year for the rest of their lives.