Beer line pythonMicro-matic seems to be the only company who really innovate with different types of python. Micro-matic has been subing brand Valpar in the UK for a year or so now, after buying the Irish drinks distributors.

There are 2 areas where Micromatic have innovated – both tubes & python coating

It is best to decide what kind of set up you are after, & then go through the online quotation with a ‘typical set up’ to get like-for-like prices

PYTHONS / Beer Lines

Taped Python

Once the chosen size of insulation is applied to the tube bundle a decision has to be made on the outer surface applied for protection. The PVC Taped Python is the traditional choice and offers a good resistance to mechanical damage during installation.

EasyFit / Black Diamond

A ground breaking patented revolution in python design, Valpar Micro Matic’s R&D team developed this super smooth, low friction coating otherwise known as EasyFit/Black Diamond in response to industry needs. EasyFit reduces installation time, due to the low surface friction and enables more than one python to be installed in one duct/area.

Foil Wrapped Python

Valpar Micro Matic’s team developed the application of a metalised wrap to the tube bundle of the python, creating a Foil Wrapped Python.
This metalised surface reflects some of the heat absorbed by the python, evenly distributes it around the bundle and results in colder temperatures in the glass.

Co-Axial Python

Super cold dispensing …
Not only does this product offer you the potential of reducing the need for secondary cooling, it also provides a consistent low temperature dispense.
Please contact us if you would like to discuss super low dispense temperature solutions coupled with easy installation and potential energy and capital equipment savings.

Types of pipe within Python / Beerlines

Barriermaster FlavourLock

is one of the newest tubing innovations from Valpar Micro Matic. Barriermaster FlavourLock, as the name implies, ensures that there is no permeation of gas or strong flavoured beverage from either the inside or outside of the tube. Excellent enhanced barrier properties coupled with high gas retention makes this an exciting new proposition for dispensing beer, wine and soft drinks.


High Quality – High Performance …
Results of laboratory tests and field trials undertaken by Valpar Micro Matic have demonstrated that the optimum contact surface available for dispense of draft beer, in terms of hygiene and product quality, is nylon. With this knowledge, Valpar Micro Matic has developed Brewmaster 2 – a multilayer nylon lined tube to meet the demand of the world’s leading breweries.

  • Taint free and ultra smooth contact surface
  • Low gas permeation
  • Reduced bacterial growth and yeast

BrewMaster Q Guard

For Super Cold – Super Hygeine systems …
Brewmaster Q-Guard is similar in design to Brewmaster 2 but including a specially selected antimicrobial.

Within the dispense system it controls and reduces the impact of microbial growth on beer and other beverages where the temperature of the beer is maintained below 6oC between keg and tap.

SuperFlex Master

Valpar Micro Matic SuperFlexmaster was one of the first beverage tubes available on the market to offer a combination of flexibility with an extended cleaning cycle.
SuperFlexmaster is a two layer tube with an ultra smooth copolymer inner lining and a flexible EVA outer layer.

  • Easy to install
  • Extended cleaning cycles in comparison to EVA, MDP and PVC (Vinyl)
  • Does not impart an off-taste to the beverage

MDP Tubing

For many years, polyethylene, commonly referred to as MDP (medium density polythene), has been the most widely used monolayer tubing for dispensing soft drinks and beer. It can be used in pythons, towers and as a gas or keg line.

Due to its low cost and good thermal conductivity, polyethylene is also the most commonly used plastic tube for water and glycol recirculation lines in python.