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Beer Line Cleaners & Line Cleaning Services

Beer line cleaning is an essential skill for bar managers, landlords and landladies – it’s also a tedious chore that takes 2-3 hours every week to do properly. And if you don’t do it properly your beer will spoil and your customers will quietly drift away to other venues where the beer is good.

In addition to time spent in the cellar pulling aggressive chemicals though the lines and cleaning all of the associated equipment, cleaning your beer lines also results in ullage – or beer wastage.

How much are you wasting?

An average bar with 8 products and 2 pints in the lines between the cellar and the tap can throw away 32 pints of sell-able, drinkable beer every week.

Factor in the labour, weekly chemical use, water and power and the costs of maintaining a clean cellar and lines can quickly add up.

Beer line cleaning companies and services

Some bar managers lack the time or necessary experience to clean their own lines and therefore choose the outsource route, hiring an external beer line cleaning service provider. Others invest in an automated beer line cleaning system that flushes the lines at the push of a button.

Automated beer line cleaning systems

As a general rule, an automated beer line cleaning machine is quite a large (and expensive) piece of equipment that sits in your cellar and is plumbed in to the cleaning circuit. Whilst relatively hassle free, the systems do require maintenance and servicing, as well as being kept topped-up with cleaning chemicals. The main advantage offered is that they save the bar manager time and allow less experienced landlords and landladies to keep their lines clean and their beer in good condition.

Cellar Technicians & Beer Line Cleaners

Outsource Beer Line Cleaning

The alternative option for outsourcing beer line cleaning is to hire someone else to do it. Experienced local cellar technicians will often provide beer line cleaning services within their offer. Their expert eye and knowledge of the trade can be a real advantage, potentially spotting issues in your set-up and processes before they become problems for the business. The technician’s hourly rates are not too expensive and their expertise usually means the lines are cleaned within 2-3 hours.

There are also a number of national franchise businesses providing beer line cleaning services across the UK. These generally require a monthly subscription and the business will then send an operative to the premises to carry out the clean at the agreed interval. These services can be quite costly and often demand a minimum term contract.

Unfortunately, neither outsource option is cheap and neither option will significantly reduce the amount of beer that the bar throws away.

What’s the solution?

In our opinion, the key to increasing bar profits is to clean beer lines less often without impacting the quality, taste or pour of the products that are served.

Sounds like a great idea – and we’ve been making it a reality for over 20 years.

StayClean uses non-invasive technology to gently pulse the fluid in your beer lines. This action slows down the build up of yeast clumps, proteins and sugars that occur in the lines and pollute the flavour of the beer being served. That means you can stretch the time between beer line cleans from once a week to once every 4 to 6 weeks.

Then, when the lines need cleaning, you simply follow your regular cleaning routine, call your local beer line cleaning specialist or switch on the automated system in your cellar and let it do its thing.

Reducing the frequency of beer line cleaning will save you money on chemicals, labour, water and most importantly reduce the amount of product you waste – increasing the profit in every barrel of beer you sell.

Reducing the frequency of beer line cleaning will save you money on chemicals, labour, water and most importantly reduce the amount of product you waste – increasing the profit in every barrel of beer you sell.

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