Weekly Beer Line Cleaning

Beer Line Cleaning EquipmentI always learned that beer line cleaning should to be done once a week and should be completed before the doors open.

The customer should never be present when lines are being cleaned. A typical beer line cleaner, Protinate, is a concentrated solution of Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Hypochlorite. It causes severe burns and is highly poisonous.  Burns may appear around the lips and blood may be vomited. There may also be bleeding from the mouth or nose.

There are perhaps two financial motives why a publican should choose to clean beer lines when a pub is trading.  Firstly, it avoids the need to pay staff to come in early once a week to clean lines and secondly there is slightly less wastage, as the line is cleaned when a beer has gone off, but when lines are cleaned correctly once a week, any beer in the lines is wasted.

Monthly Beer Line Cleaning with StayClean

The StayClean System actually allows you to cut the beer pipe and beer lines cleaning schedule from weekly to once every 28 days. Amazing but true, our system will make a real difference to your bottom line profits by giving a 75% reduction in wastage costs on beer, energy and water:

  • Reduces expensive energy and water bills, as a result of cleaning your beer lines monthly.
  • Maximises profits as every month you retain 75% of product as counter sales, not wastage thrown down the drain through beerline and beerpipe cleaning.
  • Frees up valuable time for other important tasks.
  • Minimises the risks of exposure to potentially hazardous cleaning chemicals, used in beer line cleaning.
  • Enhances your green credentials by reducing your carbon footprint and impact on the Environment.
  • Helps you start profiting from day one; easy, interest free payment terms allowing you to pay monthly what you save monthly.

Book a  free trial and see for yourself how the StayClean can work for you.

Clean your beer lines & beer pipes monthly!