beer line cleaner experiment

Brace yourselves folks – StayClean is about to attempt science. Scientists: please don’t be offended! This is a beer line cleaner experiment!

OK: Big glass beakers – check Lab coat – check Protective eye wear – check StayClean device – check Hastily manufactured light box – check Camera – check Scientist* (cannon fodder) – check All we need now is a volunteer beer. *disclaimer – cannon fodder is not a scientist.

Beer line cleaning tests
So, we’ve found our volunteer beer. These bottles of Hooky Gold from bravely stepped forth at the local store. We bought 5. These 4 will be sacrificed to science. Cannon fodder requested number 5.
Hooky Gold beer line cleaning tests
The premise: We aim to demonstrate how StayClean products reduce the need for beer line cleans from weekly to monthly – or even once every six weeks. This helps bars to save time and money by reducing their line cleans and ullage. Because nobody likes to see good beer wasted.
The method (part 1): We will decant (ooh, posh) the beer in to the beakers, seal them and then treat one of the beakers with the StayClean device and leave the other as a ‘control’ (a word recalled from GCSE biology).
The method (part 2): We will track the two beakers over a period of time, noting changes in clarity / biological build-ups and documenting evidence with photographs. The beakers will be kept under the same conditions – in our office / workshop / science lab(?)
Beer line test equipment
The science(ish) bit: So, we ‘sterilised’ the beakers, applied the StayClean coils + filled the beakers with beer. We also poured some beer in to cannon fodder, to help things along. We have ‘sealed’ the beakers with clear plastic and an elastic band – very scientific.
Cannon fodder with Hooky Gold
Let’s science! The equipment is prepared, the StayClean device is switched on. We will report back as the experiment progresses.
StayClean Equipment
Beer Science (ish) update – 1 wk in + there’s little visible difference between the beakers of beer. The 1 on the right (untreated) is slightly less clear and crisp looking than the 1 on the left, with the StayClean device and coils. More updates coming – keep watching.
Week 1 Beer Science
Beer Science (ish) update: wk2 – we’re just starting to see some differences. The StayClean treated Hooky Gold is clearer and fresher in colour. Air exposure has created a thin film of funk (science term), but the build-up is much more visible on the untreated beer.
Week 2 beer line cleaning experiment
Week 3 Updates
It’s science time. So, this week you can really see the difference in colour between the beer in the treated and untreated beakers. The StayClean has been running for 19 days and the untreated beer looks cloudy and dull. The treated beer is still fresh and bright. Science FTW.
Cannon fodder (again, not really a scientist – or photographer), decided to get all arty. So, here’s a close-up of the treated and untreated beer to really show the difference in colour and clarity. Cannon fodder now thinks he’s Rankin crossed with Pasteur.
Week 4 Update
OK folks. On the left we have StayClean treated beer, still fresh, bright and clear after 27 days. And on the right we have the untreated beer – also sealed in its beaker, in the dark. It’s cloudy, dull and unappealing – plus there’s definite beer funk building up at top + bottom
And here’s the close-up – mmmmm – which would you prefer to be drinking?