StayClean Vs Others

As StayClean are often confused with other beer line cleaning system available in the market, we have drawn up the table below. This table shows how StayClean differs from its nearest competitor.

StayClean are not BeerSaver.  To read more about Beer Saver please see:
BeerSaver Beer Pipe Cleaning System

 Traditional Cleaning StayClean Cleaning StayClean Savings
Line Cleans per Month4112 Hours per month
Monthly Beer Loss192 Pints48 Pints144 Pints per month
Monthly Loss @ RSP£672.00£168.00£504.00 per month
Annual Loss @ RSP£8,736.00£2,184.00£6,552.00 per year
5 Year Loss @ RSP£43,680£10,920£32,760.00 per year

The StayClean System is a premium ‘Own Outright’ line cleaning system. It enables monthly beer line cleaning.

As an Own Outright system, we find that small pubs are too slow to repay the price of the system, to make it worth their while.
As a result, StayClean often recommend Beer Saver in these instances.

Beer Saver is a lease only beer line cleaning system. Beer Savers ongoing lease pricing policy, means that small pubs can benefit from monthly line cleaning too.

To read more about Beer Saver please see: the BeerSaver Beer Pipe Cleaning System