CellarBright Automatic Beer Line Cleaner

cellar bright beer pipe cleaning system

In the interest of fairness, StayClean Beer Line Cleaning System has put together a little bit of information on CellarBright. We have gained this information from online resources.

In today’s economic climate, Publicans and Licensees need all the help they can get. The CellarBright automated beer line cleaning system can help

Cellar Bright delivers profit

The CellarBright system allows you to sell all the beer in the lines before starting your beer line cleaning. You can sell all the product you’ve bought from the brewery instead of wasting it on beer line cleaning. With a weekly beer line clean & lost of beer lines in your pub, club or hotel, this feature alone could save you thousands of pounds a year.

CellarBright is an easy to use automated beer pipe cleaning system

Pre-programmed and fully automated, the CellarBright operates without  intervention from the publican or licensee. Simply select the level of cleaning you want; push the start button and the cleaning cycle will take place automatically, whilst keeping you informed of progress.

CellarBright saves time

The entire cleaning cycle takes less than 7 minutes per line. Simply isolate one line at a time as your staff continue pulling pints from the other taps.

Read more about CellarBright on their beer line cleaning page