At StayClean we want the best for publicans & managers of licensed premises. We believe everyone should be using some kind of device which extends the life of a clean beer line. This will help your business to increase its profit margins through reducing waste.

We have collated some information about the BeerTech Flowmaster Beer Line Cleaning device. Whilst this device works differently to StayClean Ultrasonic cleaner, BeerTech claim to reduce your beer line cleaning to once every 3 weeks.

BeerTech Beerline Conditioning

The friction of beer flowing up a beerline results in a positive and negative charge building up on the inside of the line. E.g If you rub a balloon on your jumper, the friction will cause a positive charge to build up on one side, and you can then stick the balloon to the wall. Similarly in beerlines, the friction caused by the beer flow will result in a positive charge building up on one side of the line. Beer contains among other things, protein molecules which have a positive and negatively charged side. The protein molecule will then turn and stick to one side of the line in much the same fashion as the balloon to the wall. Bacteria, also present in beer will then attach themselves to the proteins, and basically feed on them. This produces a third deposit. Co2. After a week or so, the Co2 builds up to the extent that it will produce fobbing at the font necessitating a line clean.

The Benefits of BeerTech Flowmaster

  • With the FlowMaster System: For at least 35 weeks of the year, you sell the beer normally wasted when beerline cleaning:
  • Simple Maths. Weekly pint loss x 52 weeks. Two thirds of this will be the yearly savings… Work this out into pints or £’s…
  • Obviously huge savings of valuable time. Again, simple maths….Beerline clean time =1-2 hours….35 weeks x 1-2 hours = 35-70 hours off…EVERY year!
  • Don’t worry about beer quality. By delaying deposits beerline cleaning comes easier, and over time any stubborn deposits and biofilm will be removed, giving you cleaner beerlines which, by definition will give you better quality beer with a significant reduction in fobbing. This can lead to the beer being delivered in the same condition it leaves the keg.
  • There are no special conditions for the system to operate. Simply correct cellar temperature, and a quality, proper old fashioned line clean carried out using only brewery recommended beerline cleaners.
  • Further savings will be made in terms of Water, Gas and Cleaning Fluid.
  • Furthermore, you will have a significant reduction of caustic cleaning products being discharged into sewerage system.

To read more about Beertech & their Flowmaster Beer Line Cleaner, please see their website: Flowmaster Beer Line Cleaning System