BBeerSaver6 Line Cleaning SystemeerSaver & BeerSaver6 Beer Line Cleaning System

In the interest of fairness, StayClean Beer Line Cleaning System has put together a little bit of information on Beersaver. We have gained this information from online resources.

From Beer Saver Systems:

BeerSaver6 operates using a sophisticated, and constantly changing, electromagnetic field to diminish/delay the formation of Biofilm which is the habitat of the microbes which cause the deterioration of beer quality. It also reduces the process of the microbes to bond together and multiply. It achieves this by holding these solids in suspension in the beer line so that there is no residual Yeast Build up to adhere to the walls of the pipe.


The all new BeerSaver6 has a few additional features:

  • Non Invasive Coils – Without Disrupting Brewery Or Beer Suppliers’ Equipment
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Savings From Week One
  • Full Complimentary Line Clean On Installation
  • Affordable Rental
  • Ongoing Customer Care and Support
  • Win, Win For All!

The natural processes involved tend to accelerate as temperatures go up so Beer Cellar Temperatures at the correct levels are of paramount importance. Given that the Pub Cellar Temperature is within the optimum limits the BeerSaver6 works well with Free Flow and Metered Systems.

Own or Lease

BeerSaver6 is a lease only beer line cleaning system. Much like other systems available, it outputs a measure of energy, which disrupts the contaminants in the beer lines. Ongoing lease costs soon add up, so before you sign for a BeerSaver6 system, why not request a purchase outright quotation from StayClean? What have you got to lose?

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