Beer Piper Automatic Line Cleanerbeer piper beer pipe cleaning system

In the interest of fairness, StayClean Beer Line Cleaning System has put together a little bit of information on Beer Piper. We have gained this information from online resources.

BEER PIPER is the UK’s leading ‘wet wash’ automated beer line cleaning system.

Beer Piper has been the UK’s most successful automated beer line cleaning system for over 25 years.

Advanced technology ensures your pub, club or bar will adhere to the highest levels of hygiene and Health & Safety. As an automated beer line cleaning system, Beer Piper cleans your lines at the push of a button – even during opening hours without disruption.

Fixed & Portable Systems

Beer Piper provide advanced beer line cleaning systems that ensure lines are cleaned effectively time after time. With solutions for establishments that enable you to sell the beer in the line, as well as an intelligent portable system for line cleaning technicians.

With the advanced electronics and highly accurate dosing technology, coupled with fast cleaning programmes, a line clean can be carried out quickly, safely and efficiently to an exceptionally high standard, in as little as 5½ minutes.

Lease Only

Certainly the ‘old’ BeerPiper was a lease only device, with excessively aggressive contracts. The devices are sold using direct salespeople, who are commission based, resulting in high pressure sales. Previous customer feedback is that the length of exit clause for the leasing predominantly put them of trying to get out of the lease.

BeerPiper Administration

The original BeerPiper went into administration in January 2018, after 30 years of trading. They had a long & distinguished life, selling high quality automated beer line cleaning devices. In 2018, the business was bought out of administration by Dovefield Limited. Under its new management, BeerPiper have managed to secure funding for new premises and ‘brand investment’.

The ‘old’ BeerPiper went bust and left many customers without anyone maintaining their systems. This literally left them high & dry, whilst they continued to pay rental costs.


To read more, please see the Beer Piper Beer Line Cleaner Website