Turn Ullage into Profit

Maximise Bar Revenues

Without wishing to sound too much like ‘beer boffins’, the StayClean system generates a digital wave field which it passes through the beer in the line.

By gently pulsing the liquid, StayClean helps to minimise the build-up yeast clumps, sugars and proteins that form biofilms in the lines and pollute the beer.

This completely non-invasive process reduces the need for frequent line cleaning whilst ensuring that taste, quality and serve of the beer remains at a consistently high standard.

When your lines do need cleaning you simply do it the way you always have.

For a full explanation of the DigiSine technology behind the StayClean system, you can read our ‘science bit’ here.

All you really need to know is:

  • StayClean does not affect taste, as it never comes in to direct contact with the beer.
  • The system is installed without making any changes to your existing cellar – our equipment fits around your current cellar set-up, complies with insurance requirements and is approved for use by breweries.
  • Running costs are as low as £30 per unit per year – less than £10 per line.
  • All StayClean installations are backed by our five year guarantee covering parts and labour.
  • You start saving from day one.