The Secret to Upping Your Profits

Get rid of weekly beer line cleaning once and for all

The StayClean DigiSine beer line cleaner system comprises Digital Signal Processor (DSP), aerial leads and a 12v power supply. The DSP contains a microchip that generates low frequency electro magnetic waves which are transmitted to the beer via the aerial leads. This induces a low ‘charge’ in the beer molecules and so prevents the formation of deposits of yeast and debris on the beer lines. Consequently  the beer lines remain cleaner for longer, therefore completely eliminating the need for weekly line cleaning. This is how our monthly beerline cleaning systems work.

  • Turns ullage into profit – saves a minimum 75% of beer wastage, compared to weekly cleaning.
  • Ensures great quality beer – prevents beer degradation by inhibiting yeast molecules from clumping.
  • Maintains the quality of your beerlines, preventing them from tainting your beer.
  • Saves precious time – no more tedious weekly line cleaning.
  • Protects the environment – saves a minimum 75% of line cleaning water wastage.
  • Safeguards staff by reducing exposure to hazardous line cleaning chemicals.
  • Supports good cellar management – with unit display, montioring cellar temperature and system run time.

University Confirmed

Read the full research document compiled by Professor Mason and his team from the Department of Sonochemistry, Coventry University.

Turn Your Ullage Into Profit with Monthly Beerline Cleaning

Our pricing is completely transparent. You pay for the number of units needed which is dependent on the number of barrels being treated.  We are always very happy to talk you through the pricing, just give us a call on 08456 807081

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