Our system pays for itself in 6 months

And is guaranteed for 5 years!

Buy. Don’t Rent

The StayClean System certainly gives substantial savings that will give a real boost to your profits.
Trial and then purchase StayClean and you’ll have the most efficient, most reliable & most technologically advanced Beer Line Cleaner System available on the market.

We also believe that our Buy, don’t Rent Package makes StayClean is the most cost effective and affordable ultrasound beer line cleaning system on the market.

Why Buy?

Cost. Lower ongoing rental payments may, at first glance seem like a good deal. But, month after month, after month, how much will it really cost you……..

Beat the tax man. If the system is purchased and paid for in one year, it is classified as a Capital Expenditure and is liable for tax relief.

Its your asset. If you move venue or your set up changes, just ask us & we’ll move your StayClean to any venue you want. Or, if circumstances change and you no longer need the StayClean, we will happily negotiate a buy back price.

No hidden extras. Our Buy don’t Rent package is completely transparent, with no hidden costs and includes free replacement of parts and servicing. So the buy price is the buy price and that’s all it will cost you.

Turn Your Ullage Into Profit with Monthly Beerline Cleaning

Our pricing is completely transparent. You pay for the number of units needed which is dependent on the number of barrels being treated.  We are always very happy to talk you through the pricing, just give us a call on 08456 807081

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