Here's a quick way to cut down on waste

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Save beer, save time, save money, save the world…

The first three are easy to tick-off.

By changing from weekly to monthly line cleans you will significantly reduce the amount of beer you waste when you pump the lines through with chemical cleaners.

Even with two pint lines and a small cellar, you’re probably throwing away 15 pints per week.

Using the above example, installing a StayClean system would save 45 pints per month, as well as the time (and labour costs) for three complete cleans.

What would that be worth to your bottom line profit?

Cleaning beer lines less frequently also saves water, as well as reducing the amount of chemicals you wash down the drain – so there’s definitely an environmental benefit too.

Maybe you’re only saving the world one pint at a time – but every little helps!

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