Absolutely Free. Not a Penny.

Free 28 Day Trial for your Venue

Don’t clean your beer lines for 4 weeks!

With a proven 75% saving on the cost of beer pipe cleaning and chance to reduce cleaning regimes to monthly, instead of weekly – what do you have to lose?Free Trial - a whole 28 days without paying

Our free 28 day StayClean DigiSIne trial is completely free:

  • Free from any costs.
  • Free from any obligation.
  • Free from never ending calls trying to ‘persuade’ you to buy.

We are so confident in our StayClean DigiSine System that we know once you have tried it, you’ll see the huge benefits and want to keep it. We’ve worked out that 99.6% of people who trial the DigiSine system decide to purchase it.

We’ll keep in touch and be on hand throughout the trial period. We promise not to hassle you or try to persuade you. We just let The StayClean do the talking.

Minimum of Fuss

Our engineer will call and fit the StayClean System no fuss and at a time to suit you. Generally fitting the system in the cellar takes around two hours. Once the trial is completed and if you choose to purchase the StayClean System we guarantee you savings and increased profits – basically it won’t cost you a penny.