The Smart Beer Line Cleaning System

Make your customers happy, & make some money along-the-way

Offer Your Customers 4 Weeks between Beerline Cleans

A StayClean installation allows bar managers to reduce their beer line cleaning schedule from once a week to once every 4-6 weeks*

*Guaranteed for 4 weeks between cleans – 6 weeks is achievable with optimised cellar conditions.

A Great Proposition

Talk to existing customers and new prospects about reducing their beer line cleaning costs by at least 75%.

Show them how to save money on labour, cleaning chemicals and beer ullage – increasing their profit without affecting the taste, pour or quality of their beers.

With potential to help save £000s and a low cost of ownership, the StayClean proposition is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Profits for You

Our competitive distributor pricing structure means that you could make good money, very quickly.
On the average licensed venue your business will profit by approximately £1800.00, after taking into account fitting costs

Your customer will break even on investment quickly (generally less than 7 months).

How it works

Our patented DigiSine technology uses specific radio frequencies to gently pulse the beer in the line and guard against the build-up of yeasts, proteins, sugars and other pollutants that taint the lines and spoil the taste of the beer.

Our product never comes in to direct contact with the beer and therefore cannot affect the taste.

Guaranteed and fully supported

  • We are so confident in the quality, durability and performance of our product that we offer a full 5 year parts guarantee – if the unit fails we will replace it immediately.
  • Each StayClean unit can support 4 beer lines, with a single power supply powering 3 units
  • The installation is quick and simple – we offer full training for your technicians and are available on the phone from 8am to 11pm, should you need assistance.

Market-leading Digital Technology

  • StayClean have been helping venues to reduce costs and keep their beer in premium condition for over 25 years. We are committed to the ongoing development of our system and were the first in the market to offer a reliable, fully digital solution.
  • We were also first with an integrated mobile app for system reporting and cellar temperature monitoring – helping to extend beerline cleaning frequency up to 42 days.

Get in Touch

To find out more about StayClean and our competitive distributor pricing model, give Ian or Carolyn a call on 01684 311 307
or email us at