StayClean beer line cleaning systems

The secret to increasing bar profits.

A simple truth: nobody enjoys cleaning beer lines

it’s a chore, it’s expensive and it involves throwing away perfectly good beer.

Now you have the solution.

The StayClean Solution

  • With a StayClean system installed your customers can reduce their beer line cleaning schedule from weekly to monthly – or even once every 6 weeks with optimised cellar conditioning.
  • That’s a pretty significant saving on labour costs, cleaning products and ullage – all of which can be seen on the bottom line of the business.
  • In fact, with quite modest figures, we have calculated that pubs, clubs, hotels, bars and venues could save £000’s* every year by installing a StayClean system and reducing their cleaning frequency.
  • Our competitive pricing structure and bullet-proof 5 year guarantee also allow you to be completely confident in the quality of our product and its ability to deliver profit for you and your customers.

*an average bar with eight lines, each containing three pints of beer can expect to save approximately £3,000 per year by reducing line cleans from weekly to monthly.

Try our calculator to see how much your customers could be saving.

Easy install - everything else is ‘business as usual’

  • StayClean is a digital beer line cleaning system powered by our patented DigiSine technology.
  • We use aerial cables wrapped around the beer line to deliver specific radio frequency signals that gently pulse the beer in the line. This stops the clumping of yeasts, sugars and proteins which pollute beer lines and create the need for regular cleaning.
  • No parts are disconnected or replaced within the cellar. The StayClean is purely an electrical device which runs continuously.
  • The system involves just one 12volt wire for power, & can be fitted with a pair of wire-snips & a screwdriver.

Our system never comes in to direct contact with beer

and therefore cannot alter or taint the flavour of the beer.

Happy customers and increased profit on every barrel means everyone wins.


Most important of all

 the beer served following a StayClean installation will taste just as fresh as it always has.

Happy customers and increased profit on every barrel means everyone wins.

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