Market Leading Digital Technology

StayClean DS6 – leading the way in digital beer line cleaning technology -made in the UK

Saving beer for over 25 years

StayClean has specialised in reducing the frequency of beer line cleaning for more than 25 years.

  • Ours was the first solution in the UK market and we remain committed to developing, refining, enhancing and supporting our products.
  • We were the first to launch a fully digital solution – using our patented DigiSine technology – that guarantees the reliability of the system.
  • We were the first to incorporate cellar temperature monitoring technology – to help you optimise cellar conditions and potentially reduce line cleans to once every 42 days (six weeks).
  • We were the first to produce a system with cellar reporting data available to bar managers via a mobile app.

DS6 Key Features

StayClean continues to lead the market.

  • Digital Radio Signal: the most effective and reliable method which is future-proof, unlike analogue competitors.
  • Visual Display: showing real time cellar temperature* and unit run-time data.
  • Mobile App connectivity: providing you with valuable additional information. These include breech of recommended cellar temperature and system power outage** details.
  • Battery Backup: ensure historic system run-time and cellar temperature data is not lost by power outage.
  • IP68 Rated: being completely dust tight and resistant to multi-directional water jets – so they are safe to hose-down when cleaning.
  • Positive lock connectors: guaranteeing our products are safe and compliant with the Low Voltage Directive.
  • Small & discreet: fits neatly into existing cellar set up, without creating too much attention.
  • Minimal wiring: with separate power supply to comply with Water at Work health and safety directives.
  • Cellar Safe: our products exceed insurance requirements and are approved for use by breweries.

* Cellar Temperature Monitoring is a critical factor in good cellar management and plays a big role in making sure you serve great beer. All of the tests we’ve conducted on the new DS6 have shown line cleaning can be increased to minimum 5 weekly intervals, with no adverse effect on the beer, where cellar temperature was continuously within correct levels.

**System Power Outage Info is a helpful diagnostic tool when problems occur in the cellar as it gives precise information regarding the effective operation of the DS6.

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