The StayClean sales opportunity.

Looking for a great conversation starter and way to open doors in the on-trade?
How about this:
“Hello, we’d like to help you save time, money and hassle – and increase the profitability of your business.”

Reduce cleaning costs by 75%

Moving from weekly beer line cleans to a monthly cleaning schedule immediately reduces the costs associated with this tedious chore by 75%.

That is an instant impact on bottom line profitability for the venue – and a great conversation starter, creating the opportunity to introduce other products and services from your portfolio.

Savings from day one

  • The key benefits of the StayClean System are its ability to deliver immediate savings and reduce a pain point for the landlord, steward or bar manager, by reducing the frequency of beer line cleans.
  • This means they are spending less on cleaning chemicals, reducing the amount of staff time involved in cleaning the lines and wasting less beer!
  • These amazing savings are backed up by the complete 5 year parts and labour guarantee we provide on all of our StayClean products. This means you can be confident you are fitting a durable, high quality system and your customers can feel safe in their investment.

Our Distributors Get Fast returns – Great Margins

Our competitive distributor pricing structure means that you could make good money, very quickly.

On the average licensed venue your business will profit by approximately £1800.00, after taking into account fitting costs

Your customer will break even on investment quickly (generally less than 7 months).

Several existing distributors are selling the product as part of a monthly finance package, favourably weighing the monthly costs against achievable savings and creating transactional relationships that develop cross-sell opportunities for EPOS, Door Entry Systems, AV / Big Screens and other higher-ticket products or services.

Build your own brand

  • We are happy to provide StayClean branded products or white-label products that carry the ‘with DigiSine technology’ mark and can be branded with your own logo.
  • As the manufacturer we can alter the appearance of a StayClean device, to match your Corporate Identity.
  • We can work together to provide additional features such as CO2 monitoring or beer flow rate analysis.
  • We offer a host of promotional materials, & can adapt these to suit your business / carry your logo & sales messages.
  • Our StayClean App can be rebranded & we can arrange for additional features such as ‘push’ advertising.
  • We offer full training for your technicians, as well as support materials for installation.
  • Our team are available to provide telephone support from 08.00 to 23.00 Mon-Fri on a dedicated distributor line.
  • All of our products are backed by our 5 year parts and labour guarantee.

StayClean can create your own bespoke beerline cleaning system – no other company can do this.

Get in Touch

To find out more about StayClean and our competitive distributor pricing model, give Ian or Carolyn a call on 01684 311 307
or email us at