The StayClean Club

So Fresh and So Clean

At StayClean…

We’ve been manufacturing and installing our devices for more than 25 years.

We invest heavily in research and development, to maintain our competitive edge.

We were the first to market with a digital product.

We were the first to develop a solution that allowed barkeepers with optimised cellar conditions to achieve 6 weeks between cleans.

What we are for…

NHelping licensed premises stay open

NSaving money and reducing costs

NWasting less beer

NUsing less water

NPouring fewer chemicals down the drain

NSaving time and effort

NReducing the environmental impact of the licensed trade

NMaking our customers happy

What we are against…

MOngoing lease agreements that increase your costs and reduce your financial gains

MAltering your cellar set-up

MChanging your line cleaning process

MMessing with the taste and pour of your beer

Join our club…

We offer the members of SC Club discounts on a range of resources required by your busy bar. This includes % discount on craft beers from new up-and-coming breweries, discounts on bar supplies and of course reduced price beer line cleaning solution from Proton.

All SC customers are automatically part of the club. But you do not need to be a SC customer to gain these benefits. Simply fill in your email address and we will send you details on joining the club

We offer discounts on…

Currently StayClean can save you on money on Proton Line Cleaner, kegs of Belgian Craft Beers from Beer Parlour, EPOS till systems from TechPOS UK, door security systems and CCTV from Club Management with many more coming over the next few weeks…

Real world results

How it works

Pledge & guarantee

Costs & payments

StayClean SC4 device

Environment & CSR

Proudly Made in Britain

All of the hardware & software required for StayClean products are designed & manufactured in Britain.

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Warwickshire pub fined £140k for food hygiene breaches.
The pub remains open - but is not currently serving food.
Hopefully their beer lines are nice and clean?

Community Pub doing 'exactly what it says on the tin'.

Well played all involved.
cleanbeer photo
The Beeston Ploughshare @The_Ploughshare
A very successful coffee morning on Wednesday helped raise over £300 for a local Samaritans charity. A big thank you to all involved and your support.
This is what community pubs are all about... #thepubisthehub #communitypub

How much???
£96 for a pint and a half.
If this was draught, their waste costs would make 'em cry!

Apparently supply is finite - at just shy of £100 for 750cl, you'd think it would be demand.

Fancy a really quiet pint - escape from the modern world + try the @samsmithsbeer Commercial Hotel in Knaresborough, where mobile phones and other devices are banned: