Customer Pledge and Guarantee

The StayClean way is to be honest, helpful and hardworking.

That’s why we are (almost) always available on the phone to offer our customers advice and support.

Our Customer Pledge:

  • We develop and install the best devices in the market.
  • We invest heavily in product research and development.
  • We only use premium quality components.
  • We are a UK manufacturer.
  • We don’t employ salespeople.
  • We won’t try to hard sell our products.
  • We won’t rip you off.
  • We don’t compete purely on price.

Keep cellars the same:

Installation of our devices does not require any changes to your cellar set-up – you can even keep serving whilst our engineers are fitting the equipment.

And, as our products never come into direct contact with your beer, they won’t affect the quality, taste or pour of your pints.

Our Guarantees:

  • Our product guarantees are cast iron and bullet proof.
  • On SC Four devices we offer a no quibble 5 year parts and labour guarantee. If the device stops working we will send an experienced engineer to check the installation and replace any element of the system that has failed.
    No questions and no problems.
  • Our SC One devices are self-installed and our 2 year guarantee covers all parts. If there’s a problem with the device, give us a call and send it back to us. We will either fix and return the product or replace it with a new one.
    No questions and no problems.

Value for Money:

  • Value for Money is what we provide.
  • Whilst we are not the cheapest in the market and won’t slash our prices to win your business, we do provide guaranteed products that work.
  • Our technology has been independently tested and proven by the Department of Sonochemistry at Coventry University, as well thousands of venues across the UK who have been using various versions of our devices for more than 25 years.
  • We don’t sell finance packages or provide our products on long-term leases that drive the costs up and the savings down.
  • We are prepared to offer interest-free staged payment plans lasting up to 12 months and our products are 100% tax deductible in the first year.

Fast Return On Investment:

StayClean beer line cleaning devices reduce the amount of beer, money and time that bars waste by changing their line cleaning schedules from weekly to monthly.

When you do need to clean your lines, you simply follow the process you always have – no special chemicals or processes required – you just do the job less often.

Typical savings for a bar with 8 products and 3 pint lines are approximately £3,000.00 per year, meaning that the break-even on the investment is under 12 months.

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Proudly Made in Britain

All of the hardware & software required for StayClean products are designed & manufactured in Britain.

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Yep, feeling that pinch. From nothing to ouch in a matter of days.
Hope everybody out there in Twitter stays strong, holds firm + is back to fight another day💪♥️
And if you've got a bar + want to cut beer waste/increase profits, visit our website or email us to find out more.

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When Wu Tang Clan start handing out Coronavirus advice, sh*t is getting real.
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Protect Ya Neck against the Coronavirus. We are making a few thousand prints and distributing them across New York City. Feel FREE to do the same in your City.
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The Plough at Trottiscliffe, Kent - first licensed more than 200 years ago - will re-open in spring as a community-owned venture.
The Plough was acquired by the community group following an Asset of Community Value order.
Good news.

sound advice
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Saving London Pubs @PubsSaving
Be responsible. Don’t go to the pub if you are sick. Wash your hands regularly. Bring your glasses back to bar. Use cards, rather then money. Don’t share glasses. The Cock Tavern Hackney has some good advice. #COVIDー19 #coronavirus #supportpubs