The Overall History of StayClean

Story about monthly beer line cleaning

StayClean (Beer Pipe) Systems Ltd is a UK registered Company. We are based in the West Midlands and are a small team, including office staff and skilled technicians. Our technicians are locate Nationwide, giving us easy access of all of the UK, Ireland and Scotland.

The StayClean product is 100% UK manufactured; our major supplier is based in Malvern and suppliers of the remaining components are based in the West Midlands.

About us at StayClean: Beer Line Cleaner in 1993

1993 – An Idea

StayClean System was developed by Tony Allen, who was Managing Director of StayClean for over fifteen years. Tony had over 45 years experience of working in the licensed trade and it was his understanding of the costs of line cleaning and its impact on profits that led Tony to invest in the StayClean System.

2004 – University Research

About us at StayClean: Coventry University ResearchProfessor Mason and his team at the Department of Sonics, Coventry University, conduct research to prove the technology really works. Simultaneeously, our patented 8 phase pulsing system is developed. This provides the most effective wave formation for the prevention of contamination of the beer lines.

About us at StayClean: Awards in 2004

2005/6 – Lots of Awards

StayClean wins! Runner up in The Water Efficiency Awards. Commended in the Department of Trade and Industry innovation Awards. Regional prize in The Water Efficiency Awards. Finalist in the Rowan Business Awards. Commended for beer andwater savings, UK Environment Agency Awards


About us at StayClean: Patents2007 – US & UK Patents

StayClean is granted UK and US patents for the eight phase electro magnetic wave pulsing technology developed in 2004.


StayClean beer in 2011

2009 – id Marketing.

Sadly Tony, who had been suffering from a long illness, passed away. Following this we were approached by his widow Carol and later that year StayClean Beerpipe Systems came under the umbrella of our parent company, id Marketing. Carol continues to support us and takes an interest in all of our initiatives.

StayClean beer line cleaners new digital ultrasound cleaner launched in 20112011 – New Digital Device

After 18 years the StayClean system is still going strong but reliability is an issue, mainly because the device is based on old fashioned circuit board technology. So, with help from the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), we decide to invest and develop the first ever digital beer line cleaning device available. After a few hiccups and with a lot of help from one of the countries leading developers of FPGA centric boards, we finally crack it.


2017 – StayClean is Awarded Proof of Concept Funding

StayClean has been working with microprocessors for over 6 years. We found that using a central processor, with software (like most household PC’s) has proved to be very reliable. Development of the FPGA processor comes to a close, as further development is cost prohibitive. StayClean are awarded funding through a Innovation Gateway set up by Worcestershire County Council, to develop the use of new Internet of Things (IoT) processors.



2018 – We Are StayClean BeerPipe Systems Limited – Once Again!

Following 8 years of id Marketing (UK) Limited, leading StayClean, the company is once again its own entity. From 1st January 2018, StayClean Beerpipe Systems Limited is once again the official company name.

2018 – Another Breakthrough – The DigiSine Plus

Our latest product, the DigiSine Plus includes features to ensure guaranteed 4 weekly cleaning and in many cases, up to 6 weekly cleaning. This is achieved by the unit incorporating cellar temperature monitoring and reporting if temperature thresholds are breached. The DigiSine Plus also incorporates mobile app connectivity, for data reporting and records system run time activity.

2018 and we’re still going strong; manufacturing and supplying the most reliable, most efficient and most technically advanced device on the market.

Proudly Made in Britain

All of the hardware & software required for StayClean products are designed & manufactured in Britain.

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