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Please contact us @ StayClean with any questions at all. We always like to speak to people!

Address: Unit 3B Merebrook Business Park, Hanley Road, Welland, Malvern, Worcestershire WR13 6NP

Phone: 01684 311 307

Business Hours: 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday. Out of hours, please use our Emergency Telephone Number, given to all our customers.

Nobody enjoys cleaning beer lines

it’s a chore, it’s expensive and it involves throwing away perfectly good beer.

Our pricing is completely transparent. You pay for the number of units needed depending on number of barrels.
We are always very happy to talk you through absolutely anything. Just give us a call on 01684 63 62 61

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Proudly Made in Britain

All of the hardware & software required for StayClean products are designed & manufactured in Britain.

We poured both beers in to new beakers to stir up whatever funk had settled over the past 48 days.
Untreated beer (right) is thick + opaque.
StayClean treated beer (left) is still bright + clear. Look closely + you can see the Malvern Hills through it.
Science For The Win!
cleanbeer photo

final Beer Science (ish) close-up.
@HookyBrewery finest has posed up a storm - ooh, look at it, in all its close-up glory.
We're going to pour them out in a minute.
@rankinphoto can then rest easy, as cannon fodder is retiring from photography, citing artistic stress.
cleanbeer photo

Beer Science (ish) final photos below.
On the left we have StayClean treated beer: nearly 7 weeks in + its still looking pretty good: clear, palatable and no sediment forming.
On the right, the untreated (less fortunate) beer looks cloudy, sad + sludgey.
Beer Science (ish) FTW!
cleanbeer photo

Last day of Beer Science (ish).
Beers have stood for almost 7 weeks.
1 has been treated with non-invasive StayClean coils - the other has not.
Final photos coming - then we'll pour them out + see what they look like.
Not that scientific: but cannon fodder's got his lab coat out
cleanbeer photo

Extreme close-up time - beer science (ish)
Cannon fodder's groove is on.
Music selections have had a 'funk' theme: Parliament, Chic, Ohio Players, etc - reflecting build-up of beer funk (scientific term?) in the untreated beaker.
Still see the logo thru treated beer on the left!
cleanbeer photo

Latest Beer Science (ish) news.
Experiment run time is 40 days.
StayClean treated beer (left) still looks like it's just been poured - clear, bright and fresh in colour - as @HookyBrewery intended.
The untreated beer is looking flat, stale, unappetising + opaque.
Win for science.
cleanbeer photo

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