Save on your Water Bill and Save Your Pub Money

Whilst British weather suggests there’s such an abundance of water that it ought to be free, sadly it isn’t. In fact, reducing your water usage is a good way of trimming the running costs of your pub. There are numerous ways of reducing the water bill for your business. Fixing that dripping tap in the toilets could save you 9 litres of water per day and probably only requires a washer.

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Monthly beer line cleaners

The secret to increasing your bar profits
Nobody enjoys cleaning beer lines – it’s a chore, it’s expensive and it involves throwing away perfectly good beer. With a StayClean system installed you can reduce line cleaning from weekly to monthly – or once every 6 weeks with optimised cellar conditioning – and make some significant savings*. Most importantly: the beer you serve will taste just as fresh as it always has. Happy customers and increased profit on every barrel means everyone wins.

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Beerline cleaning fluids & liquids

Beer line cleaning liquids are key tools in the bar manager’s armoury – used regularly, they break-down the deposits of yeasts, proteins and sugars that form in the lines and spoil the taste of the beer.
But not all beerline cleaning fluids are the same, with differences in the chemical composition and functions affecting the price and performance of the solutions.

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