Fast Earnback. 'Buy Don't Rent'

Our system pays for itself in 6 months

Want to Save More?

We operate on a ‘Buy don’t Rent’ basis – as we think it makes better financial sense.

With an outright purchase, you own the equipment. This makes it a capital expenditure, so you can claim the investment back against your tax bill at the end of the first year.

If you’re a freehouse landlord you can also take the equipment with you when you move – or identify it as a profit generator when you sell the business.

We don’t offer fixed-term finance packages, as they extend the earn-back period, impact the tax benefits and reduce the value of StayClean to your business. However, we are willing to discuss staged payment options if it will help.

With reduced line cleans and tax relief on your expenditure – StayClean is a smart investment in your business.

Why Buy?

Cost. Lower ongoing rental payments may, at first glance seem like a good deal. But, month after month, after month, how much will it really cost you……..

Beat the tax man. If the system is purchased and paid for in one year, it is classified as a Capital Expenditure and is liable for tax relief.

Its your asset. If you move venue or your set up changes, just ask us and we’ll move your StayClean to any venue you want. Or, if circumstances change and you no longer need the StayClean, we will happily negotiate a buy back price.

No hidden extras. Our Buy don’t Rent package is completely transparent, with no hidden costs and includes free replacement of parts and servicing. So the buy price is the buy price and that’s all it will cost you.

Calculate Your Savings for Yourself

Why not work out exactly how much you could save with the StayClean System?

Simply visit our online calculator which will show your savings at cost price and selling price, over months and years…

Calculate Your Savings with StayClean

Looks expensive?

How much will I save?

Call to the Government to support UK's hospitality industry through the Coronavirus crisis.
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Yep, feeling that pinch. From nothing to ouch in a matter of days.
Hope everybody out there in Twitter stays strong, holds firm + is back to fight another day💪♥️
And if you've got a bar + want to cut beer waste/increase profits, visit our website or email us to find out more.

We are morally obliged to retweet this.
When Wu Tang Clan start handing out Coronavirus advice, sh*t is getting real.
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Wu Tang Clan @WuTangClan
Protect Ya Neck against the Coronavirus. We are making a few thousand prints and distributing them across New York City. Feel FREE to do the same in your City.
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#communiypub tweet coming right up:
The Plough at Trottiscliffe, Kent - first licensed more than 200 years ago - will re-open in spring as a community-owned venture.
The Plough was acquired by the community group following an Asset of Community Value order.
Good news.

sound advice
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Saving London Pubs @PubsSaving
Be responsible. Don’t go to the pub if you are sick. Wash your hands regularly. Bring your glasses back to bar. Use cards, rather then money. Don’t share glasses. The Cock Tavern Hackney has some good advice. #COVIDー19 #coronavirus #supportpubs