The LineClenze Franchise

lineclenze franchise beer line cleanerThe LC website does not make it apparent that the main part of their business, is in selling franchises.
You can read about the LineClenze Franchise package here:

If you have been reading the StayClean website, you will know that there is no need for franchises, if you want to sell beer line cleaning devices. StayClean offer a no-fee distributor arrangement. See more here: StayClean Distributors

Before you sign up for a franchise, you should know a little about my personal experiences with LC. Well, first off, apparently they tell potential franchisees that StayClean are no longer trading!! See ownership below:

LineClenze Ownership

LineClenze beerline cleaning system is not new to the market, as they would have you believe.
The managing director has set up LC in numerous forms over the years, & put the business into liquidation accordingly.

LineSentry SMS Limited – the former name of LineClenze

At the beginning, LineClenze was called Line Sentry. Here is the old logo:

Old LineClenze logo

Hmmm. Looks familiar…. Where have I seen that before?


Stayclean Beer Line Cleaning System -Logo

The old Stayclean logo. Does look similar doesn’t it?






But the LineSentry logo & slogan infringed our copyright, as did their website. So we raised a complaint with Google, & the  Line Sentry website was taken down for copyright infringement.

LineSentry was August 201 – May 2013, before becoming a ‘new’ company – Bright Spark Innovation Limited. Read about LineSentry here:

Bright Spark Innovation Limited

What is now LineCleanze continued to trade as a different name until September 2014, when they filed for liquidation.

The best thing to do now is probably set up yet another company. This time LineClenze Limited. In fact, why wait? You can set up another company before the other has even gone bust!

You can read about Bright Spark Innovation here:

LineClenze Limited

So from June 2014, the Line Sentry business was re-established, this time under the name LineClenze Limited. Now I have no idea what stopped them from continuing to trade under this name. Perhaps more copyright wrangles? Or perhaps disgruntled people who bough the franchise?

Either way, LC did not last long enough to pay any tax! The company ran from June 2014 – January 2016 & did not file any company accounts in this period. See here: 

LineClenze International Limited

This takes us to the latest incarnation of the story. LineClenze International Limited; This is the company currently trading & telling franchisees that the major market player in beer line cleaning systems has gone into liquidation. When selling a franchise LC inform potential customers that StayClean no longer trade! They do this, so as it appears there is little competition in the market place.

And it is fair to say that they continue to copy our website words. No comment!

This incarnation has been trading since 9th January 2015. Again not a long enough period to pay any tax on. See here: LC international Franchise

To read more about LC, you should see their website here: