BBeerSaver6 Line Cleaning SystemeerSaver & BeerSaver6 Beer Line Cleaning System

In the interest of fairness, StayClean Beer Line Cleaning System has put together a little bit of information on Beersaver. We have gained this information from online resources.

From Beer Saver Systems:

Beersaver has a double-patent on their technology being specifically designed to emit a low voltage pulse wave, measured at 4 Watts.

BeerSaver have a specially designed coiled pipe which replaces existing pipework; this means the bar will have to be closed during installation.

Beer Saver uses an electro-magnetic wave fluctuates up and down the coiled pipe in a “pulse” like manner.

Beersaver’s bacteria inhibitor system uses it’s pulse wave technology to emit this wave through the full length, patented coiled pipe.

Four common types of bacteria that can be found in beer

1. Acetobacter

2. Lactobacillus

3. Pectinatus

4. Pedicoccus


The all new BeerSaver6 has a few additional features:

  • Non Invasive Coils – Without Disrupting Brewery Or Beer Suppliers’ Equipment
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Savings From Week One
  • Full Complimentary Line Clean On Installation
  • Affordable Rental
  • Ongoing Customer Care and Support
  • Win, Win For All!

To read more about Beer Saver please see: the BeerSaver Beer Pipe Cleaning System