Beer Piper Bar Pipe Cleaning Equipmentbeer piper beer pipe cleaning system

In the interest of fairness, StayClean Beer Line Cleaning System has put together a little bit of information on Beer Piper. We have gained this information from online resources.

BEER PIPER is the UK’s leading ‘wet wash’ automated beer line cleaning system.

Beer Piper has been the UK’s most successful automated beer line cleaning system for over 25 years.

Advanced technology ensures your pub, club or bar will adhere to the highest levels of hygiene and Health & Safety. As an automated beer line cleaning system, Beer Piper cleans your lines at the push of a button – even during opening hours without disruption.

Beer Piper uses normal purple beer line cleaner.

Increase your profits in your pub, bar or hotel

Beer Piper makes cleaning beer pipes less labour intensive, faster, safer and more economical than the usual weekly beer line cleaning routine.

Thousands of Beer Piper beer line cleaners are in use across the UK.

To read more, please see the Beer Piper Beer Line Cleaner Website