StayClean Beer Line Cleaning System

Save yourself time and money, while keeping customers happy

Our beer line cleaning system is the leading digital beer line cleaning system in the market. We are the most trusted, most reliable and most technically advanced system available. StayClean keeps beer lines clean.

Our system uses small 12volt devices, installed in the cellar. These devices output a complex multi-frequency radio wave. The radio waves are transmitted along the beer lines, ensure that no yeast can settle on the inside of the beer line. Without yeast dirtying the inside of the line, the beer being served continues to be fresh as it is not passing over dirt before being served.

You are responsible for cleaning your own beer lines, and maintaining a good cellar as you already do. But you will only clean your beer lines every 4 – 6 weeks. Your cleaning interval is at your discretion – we recommend every calendar month, to save forgetting to clean them!

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A Bit About Our System

Our products are digital. They keep beer lines clean. Rather than relying on complex electronics to generate radio waves (much like a FM radio) we use simple electronics with software installed for radio wave generation (much like a DAB radio).

Using digital radio waves means that our hardware is ultra reliable, and radio waves are free from interference  100% effectiveness at all times. This makes our beer line cleaning system the most reliable available on the market today.

High quality antennae cables are coiled around the exterior of the beer pipe, the digital radio wave field is passed through the liquid in the line. This keeps the beer line clean. The antennae cables occupy 15cm / 6″ of the beer line, close to the cellar buoy.

Our devices are manufactured by us. We manufacture for other companies also. StayClean are a trusted UK electronics manufacturer. 

Our products are guaranteed for 5 year.

How Our Beer line Cleaning System Works

The StayClean beer line cleaning system generates multi-frequency radio waves to keep beer lines clean. It simply prevents yeast molecules in beer from clumping together, so the yeast remains in the beer you pour. This stops the build up of debris on the beer lines, keeping background bacteria to a minimum for as long as possible.

This action reduces the level of attraction between molecules in the liquid, slowing down the process through which they clump, cling to the inner surface of the beer line and ultimately begin to taint the flavour of your beer.

In addition to slowing the build-up of new contaminants, the digital wave field of StayClean devices also acts to loosen any existing bio-films and beer stone deposits in the lines.

Beerline Yeast  Chain Formation

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