Beer Line Cleaning

Beer line cleaning is a key skill for all bar managers looking to maintain the quality of the beer they serve – and quality beer keeps customers happy, profits up and doors open.

Traditionally, beer line cleaning has been undertaken on a weekly basis to ensure that the flavour, clarity and pour of beers and ciders is at its best. Stretching the time between cleans creates an environment within the beer line that promotes the growth of proteins, yeast clumps and other biological deposits that make the beer taste ‘off’.

Many bar managers view the weekly beer line cleaning process as a chore – it takes time, requires them to use harsh chemicals and involves throwing away perfectly drinkable (and sell-able) beer.

Bar managers are caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they want to keep their products fresh and develop their trade based on a reputation for serving good beers – so regular weekly beer line cleans are viewed as essential. On the other hand, beer line cleaning is a drain on profits; wasting beer and increasing costs.

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So, what is a bar manager to do?

The first thing to do is learn how to clean your beer lines properly.Image result for inn doctor

There’s a great guide on the Inn Doctor website, here:

The Inn Doctor is a great online resources for getting advice on technical issues, and gauging opinion on all things bar related.

The next thing to do is look for options that keep your lines sparkling clean, and reduce the frequency of the beer line cleaning process.

There are a variety of products out there, from chemical treatments to devices, such as our own StayClean product, which uses non-invasive technology to slow-down the build-up of biological pollutants within the beer line without affecting the taste or pour of the product.

Click here to go to the StayClean Homepage

The market has also taken advantage of mobile App technology and reporting, with both Beer Piper and Qualflow storing frequency, dosage and other data relating to the cleaning process. Some of the suppliers also claim that their products can extend the period between cleans as a result of the depth and thoroughness of their process.

Whilst automatic beer line cleaning systems take the time and hassle factors out of cleaning the lines at your bar – and also guarantee a high level of hygiene, which should ensure the quality and flavour of the beers you serve – the cost of the equipment can be prohibitive, particularly for smaller venues.

So, do you really need a fixed system in your cellar, or would you be better served by an outsourced technician, or an alternative, more cost effective technology? The answer is that it probably all comes down to maths and the balance sheet for your business.