Nobody enjoys cleaning beer lines

it’s a chore, it’s expensive and it involves throwing away perfectly good beer.

Our pricing is completely transparent. You pay for the number of units needed depending on number of barrels.
We are always very happy to talk you through absolutely anything. Just give us a call on 01684 63 62 61

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StayClean System Questions

Does the system affect beer fobbing?
Beer fobbing can have many causes; from the incorrect beer temperatures through to a gas leak in the system. Fobbing can also be caused by poor line cleaning procedures. If this is the case then installing the StayClean system can help prevent beer fobbing.
Does the system still work in bars that are not used daily?
Generally speaking the system works when the bar is not in daily use. However we do recommend that approximately 1/4 of a pint is pulled off every-other-day, to ensure good quality beer.
Does the system need servicing?
No, generally speaking the StayClean system does not require servicing at regular intervals. Occasionally customers inform us that the system is not working as well and in 99% of these cases the problem is resolved by simply replacing the power supply lead. StayClean will attend your venue whatever the reason, during the 5 year guarantee period.
Do I need any kind of special beerline cleaner?
No. The StayClean System works regardless of which kind of cleaning solution you use. Afterall, you are the one who knows your beer pipes best.

Installation Questions

How long does the StayClean System take to fit?
The StayClean System takes approximately 3 hours to fit, although this may be longer dependng on the number of kegs. We try to ensure the system is installed on the day you have cleaned your lines, to ensure optimal performance. The bar / cellar can be fully operational throughout, as we do not replace any parts of your beerline system.
When installing the system, do you replace any parts of the beer lines?
No, we do not dismantle or manipulate any part of the coupling or python system.
Does having the system installed have any impact on my insurance?
No, any insurance is still valid as we do not modify or alter any part of the existing cellar set up.

Payment & Ownership Questions

Are there any other ‘hidden’ costs – such as installation costs?
No, the quoted price includes all costs, including installation and repair if neccessary.
Once the system is paid for do I own it outright? In which case what happens if it breaks down?
Yes, on completion of payment, the customer owns the StayClean System. The system is guaranteed for 5 years and the warranty includes all parts and repair, subject to normal usage.

Proudly Made in Britain

All of the hardware & software required for StayClean products are designed & manufactured in Britain.

More 'beer for good' activity.
Well played @ExaleTap_E17 and @ArcadiaLeeds - raising funds for @MindCharity
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Arcadia Leeds 🍺 @ArcadiaLeeds
Mind Games will be on the bar later this weekend.
Brewed for an amazing cause and on subjects we can all relate to in this industry.
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Profits raised from this brew will go to @MindCharity
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More money to be made available for Community Pub initiatives with Govt funding for 'More Than a Pub' and 'Pub is the Hub' @PubistheHub_uk.
Over £1.1 million to be made available with the aim of helping 100 community projects across the country.

Torry residents are aiming to convert Campbell's Bar in to community hub, after the pub closed to the public 3 years ago.
Plans are afoot to reopen the bar, create an eatery and also establish a community and training space.
Good luck to all involved.

It's #ChristmasEve! On the final day of #StayGreenAdvent, how better to celebrate than by visiting your local #CommunityPub? They contribute to local economies & save pubs across the UK. See @PlunkettFoundat's map here: @PeoplesPubPtshp @PubistheHub_uk

It's #StayGreenAdvent Day12. Beerline cleaner is a highly caustic chemical – not only is it harmful to the #environment, it’s also dangerous to handle and requires safety gear and training. Reduce the risk of harm by cleaning monthly instead of weekly with StayClean.

Day11 of #StayGreenAdvent. Weekly beerline cleans eat into staff time and increase the risk of accidents resulting from chemical use. Minimise risk & reduce the amount of caustic chemical pumped into the environment with a StayClean unit. #beer #sustainability #waterefficiency