Stay Ahead with Modern Beer Line Cleaning

Longer intervals between beer line cleaning, is what the modern licensee needs to do to stay competitive.

We enable licensees to reduce their beer line cleaning schedule; beer line cleaning can be done as little as once every 6 weeks.

The beer will stay fresh, and patrons will not be able to tell any difference, as they enjoy their lovingly served, cool beer.

A StayClean System uses small 12volt devices, installed in the cellar. These devices output a complex multi-frequency radio wave.

The radio waves is then transmitted along the beer lines, ensure that no yeast can settle on the inside of the beer line. So without yeast dirtying the inside of the line, the beer being served continues to be fresh as it is not passing over dirt before being served.

All devices are strictly in the cellar and importantly no cellar parts are altered – we simply add the StayClean System to your existing cellar equipment.

Cleaning your Beer Lines..

You continue to do a traditional, thorough beer line clean. The only difference to your normal routine, is that you clean a maximum of 12 times a year, as oppose to minimum of 52 times per year.

It really is that simple.

We are so confident in our product that you can trial a StayClean for free, for one month. Further our products are guaranteed for 5 year, with no ongoing costs.

Publican serving a pint of IPA happy with her beerline cleaning service

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