StayClean – the smart beer line cleaning equipment

Cut beer line cleaning costs by 75 per cent

Reduce your beer line cleaning frequency.

Clean your lines once every 4 weeks – guaranteed.

Optimise cellar conditions for 6 week interval.

  • Built-in cellar temperature monitor.

  • Data reporting via mobile app.

  • Digital technology.

  • Cellar-ready and approved equipment.

  • 5 year guarantee.

  • StayClean beer line cleaning equipment helps improve bar profits.

  • Reduce labour costs, chemical use, staff exposure risks, water use and beer wastage.

  • Clean your beer lines less often without damaging the flavour or pour of your products.

Great beer, happy customers, increased profits and no more weekly beer line cleans.

The Secret to Upping Your Profits

Get rid of weekly beer line cleaning once and for all

Cut down costs. Increase Profits

  • Change your line cleaning schedule to once every 28 days with absolutely no difference to beer quality.
  • Reduce your line cleaning costs by 75%.
  • Every month, that’s 75% less wastage on beer, water, cleaning chemicals and labour.

Fit & Forget

  • Fitted with an integrated computer circuit, the StayClean unit produces a digital signal, ensuring ultra reliable, constant performance.
  • Manufactured in the West Midlands, using highest quality components.
  • Water resistant, shock proof, corrosion resistant and completely impervious to dust particles.

Less Work. Same Results

  • Let StayClean do the work for you.
  • De yeasting and maintaining beer line clarity, day after day.
  • Clean your beer lines just once a month, instead of weekly; same chemicals, same practice – just less often.
  • Crystal clear beer and happy customers

Peace of mind. Guaranteed.

  • 5 year performance guarantee with free replacement parts and servicing.
  • Outstanding customer service – available from 8am to 11pm.
  • Installed by qualified, experienced technicians.
  • Low running costs. Powered by a low cost 12v power supply costing as little as £30 per year.

Proudly Made in Britain

All of the hardware & software required for StayClean products are designed & manufactured in Britain.

It's #StayGreenAdvent Day3! Weekly line cleans in the UK result in around a million pints of #beer being poured down the sink each week – and profits with it. Install a Stayclean Unit, save beer and profits today and #StayGreen. #beer #sustainability cleanbeer photo

On Day2 of #StayGreenAdvent, we are looking at @Brewgoodr’s Global Gathering. In March 2020, 500 global breweries will unite to end #waterpoverty for 100,000 people. Find out more and register here: #BGG2020 #WaterEfficiency 💧

It's Day1 of #StayGreenAdvent. Each year, about 254million pints of #water are flushed away by UK pubs from weekly line cleans: an average 6,240 pints per pub. This waste could be quartered with a StayClean Unit - #StayGreen & save water today. #WorldWaterLossDay #WaterEfficiency cleanbeer photo

Today marks the beginning of our #StayCleanAdvent, where we will shine a light on some key environmental stats on the on-trade industry and highlight some great examples of #sustainable businesses in the sector! Have a happy (and eco-friendly) Christmas 🎄

Happy #InternationalVolunteerDay! It's great to hear about the experiences of volunteers across the globe. 1 great org is @WorkersBeerCo, whose volunteers run event bars with £ donated to the movements, #grassroots orgs & #campaigns they support! See here: