Reliable, effective monthly beer line cleaning

Turn Ullage into Profit.

• Waste Less   • Earn More

StayClean DigiSine beer line cleaning system generates electro magnetic waves which prevent yeast molecules in the beer from clumping. This inhibits the build up of debris on the lines, allowing beer line cleaning to be reduced, from weekly, to every 4 – 6 weeks.

Developed and Manufactured in the UK since 1993

25 Years of Innovation

Thousands of Freehold Landlords, F&B Managers, Owners of Licensed Venues and Clubs have benefitted from installing a DigiSine StayClean system.

Over the last 25 years we have continued to develop our products and are proud to supply the most reliable, effective system available.

The new DigiSine Plus introduces the latest advancements in beer line cleaning. These include visual display of cellar temperaure and system runtime, programmable micro chip and mobile app connectivity.

Our buy, don’t rent package gives you the most cost effective and affordable option. Plus, you can make even more savings as our products are tax deductible, as Capital Expenditure.

All our equipment complies with insurance and brewery regulations and all products have a free 5 year guarantee on all parts.

Work Less. Waste Less. Earn More.

Surely the best offer you can get!

Cut down costs. Increase Profits

  • Change your line cleaning schedule to once every 28 days with absolutely no difference to beer quality.
  • Reduce your line cleaning costs by 75%.
  • Every month, that’s 75% less wastage on beer, water, cleaning chemicals and labour.

Fit & Forget.

  • Fitted with an integrated computer circuit, the StayClean unit produces a digital signal, ensuring ultra reliable, constant performance.
  • Manufactured in the West Midlands, using highest quality components.
  • Water resistant, shock proof, corrosion resistant and completely impervious to dust particles.

Less Work. Same Results

  • Let StayClean do the work for you.
  • De yeasting and maintaining beer line clarity, day after day.
  • Clean your beer lines just once a month, instead of weekly; same chemicals, same practice – just less often.

Peace of mind. Guaranteed.

  • 5 year performance guarantee with free replacement parts and servicing.
  • Outstanding customer service – available from 8am to 11pm.
  • Installed by qualified, experienced technicians.
  • Low running costs. Powered by a low cost 12v power supply costing as little as £30 per year.